Master Planning Process and Outcomes

What plans do CreateTO have to have inclusive and transparent community consultations with local stakeholders?

Answer from CreateTO: The City and CreateTO have held a number of community consultations since 2018.  We plan to continue to engage with the community and local stakeholders. Get involved!

Is the newly proposed cycle track on the Esplanade and Mill Street still happening?

Answer from CreateTO: Optimizing connectivity and extending the cycling and pedestrian path along the Esplanade through the First Parliament site are two key Planning Strategies in the Master Plan. City staff are working with Metrolinx on maintaining separate bikeway and pedestrian connectivity through Parliament Square Park and the First Parliament Site.  Details are still in development. This has benefits for Metrolinx in that providing a cycling bypass to their construction further north allows for continued connectivity through their construction project.

The downtown core is in need of more green space. Is a public park being considered as part of the Master Plan?

Answer from CreateTO: Yes. One of the Guiding Principles recognizes that the First Parliament is a valuable public asset and as such, should be developed to meet the growing needs of the population.  A public park is in keeping with that Principle.  

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