Roles & Responsibilities


Since 2018, CreateTO has helped develop City buildings and lands for municipal purposes and deliver client-focused real estate solutions to City divisions, agencies and corporations. CreateTO has led the majority of the work surrounding the First Parliament Master Plan work.

Transit Expansion Office

The Transit Expansion division leads and directs the City’s participation in long-term, multi-billion dollar transit network expansion projects. The division oversees and facilitates all processes related to transit expansion initiatives; ensures the City’s interests and priorities are reflected in transit network expansion efforts; and, serves as a single point of contact for all City divisions, the TTC, Metrolinx and other orders of government to coordinate and advance transit expansion projects and ensure that transit-related municipal processes are streamlined for the City.


Metrolinx, an agency of the Government of Ontario under the Metrolinx Act, 2006, was created to improve the coordination and integration of all modes of transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Metrolinx is responsible for the development and coordination of the Ontario Line, as well as a number of GO Expansion projects.

Infrastructure Ontario

Infrastructure Ontario is a Crown agency of the Province of Ontario that supports the Ontario government’s initiatives to modernize and maximize the value of public infrastructure and real estate. Infrastructure Ontario upholds the Provincial government’s commitment to renew public services and does so in co-operation with the private sector.

Phone: 416-392-7903
Address: 100 Queen St W, A5, Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

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