Does the City of Toronto have a plan or position should the Province choose to issue a Minister’s Zoning Order (MZO) for the site?

Answer from Transit Expansion Office: As noted in question 1, the City of Toronto may not be able to stop the Province from issuing an MZO.  In general, our approach is to try to work with the Province on TOC proposals to shape them to meet City planning, design, and community-building objectives.  With regard to Corktown, the Province has indicated a willingness to develop the City in a manner consistent with the City's Master Planning objectives.  We are engaging with the Province to try to influence the design of the sites in Corktown to find a shared vision.  If the Province were to choose to issue an MZO, the City would hope to influence it as much as possible to avoid problems with the final design.  Should the Province choose to act unilaterally, City staff would look to Council for direction on how to respond.

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