First Parliament Site is of high civic and national importance. What plans are there to protect and/or investigate the archaeological heritage of the site prior to any work occurring?

Answer from Metrolinx: Metrolinx is currently putting together archaeological workplans for the First Parliament site that outline a path forward and identify opportunities to conserve and commemorate archaeological resources on site. We are working with licensed archaeologists and subject matter experts from the City, Ontario Heritage Trust, Infrastructure Ontario as well as the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation to ensure we are all aligned on the approach.

All plans will be reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries before any work begins.
Metrolinx will be carrying out a thorough and complete assessment of the entire site, which will ensure that all archaeological artifacts and features are documented and conserved. Where possible, Metrolinx will endeavour to protect archaeological features in-situ.

Archaeologists and Indigenous Community Field Liaisons will investigate the site beginning in the Summer of 2021 before construction begins.

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