How will the site’s rich history be honoured and addressed? How is the preservation of historical sites and buildings incorporated into the planning process and are historical bodies/groups consulted?

Answer from Infrastructure Ontario and Metrolix: The city-block between Berkeley Street and Parliament Street on the South side of Front Street East, also known as the site of First Parliament, is currently tenanted by a parking lot, a car dealership and a car wash, and has been used intensely for private and industrial purposes for over a century.

Metrolinx will consult with the City, the Ontario Heritage Trust, heritage experts from Infrastructure Ontario, the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries and Indigenous Nations to develop a Heritage Interpretation and Commemoration Plan that profiles the rich history of this site.

The City of Toronto along with its partners and stakeholders have already built out a robust Heritage and Interpretation Strategy for this site. Metrolinx intends to use this work as the foundation for the overall interpretation and commemoration strategy for this site.

Metrolinx has established a First Parliament Working Group consisting of representatives from the province, Metrolinx, Infrastructure Ontario, and the Ontario Heritage Trust, as well as nine different City of Toronto departments, the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, and Waterfront Toronto.

In addition, the Metrolinx Ontario Line project team has started working with Indigenous communities to coordinate the involvement of Indigenous Community Field Liaisons in the archaeological assessments process.

Partners will have a deeper understanding of commemoration opportunities once archaeological work gets underway and we begin to understand what type of features and artifacts exist.

Archaeologists will investigate the site beginning in the Summer of 2021 before construction begins so that any historical artifacts can be documented and conserved.

The First Parliament Working Group will advise the Province on appropriate commemoration for the history and artifacts that may be uncovered at the site within the proposed Corktown Transit-Oriented Communities development.

Infrastructure Ontario looks forward to receiving input from the Working Group on cultural heritage commemoration that could be incorporated into a future Transit-Oriented Communities (TOC) market offering of this site once all required approvals are in place.

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