Is there any risk that soil contamination on the First Parliament Site can threaten nearby residential areas?

Answer from Metrolinx: Metrolinx will be completing soil investigations at the Corktown Station early works site, as project planning progresses, to properly characterize the soil and identify any potential contamination prior to construction. Any contaminated soil that may be encountered by this project will be confined to the limits of the project footprint. 

All excess soil will be disposed of in compliance with the Ontario Regulation 406/19 (On-Site and Excess Soil Management), and mitigation measures will be in place to minimize the spreading of contaminated materials. Mitigation measures will include but are not limited to, dust control, dust suppression (e.g., application of water), and stockpile management to ensure soils are protected from wind exposure and further cross-contamination. Other mitigation measures such as remedial action plans, risk assessments, and risk mitigation plans for encountering contamination will also be developed, as necessary. 

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