Demand that the Province #RespectLocalPlanning

We continue to see the Province of Ontario override local planning processes, not only in Toronto, but across Ontario. It is clear that the Province has little interest in preserving the heritage site, any archeological assets, or the extreme civic and national importance of the First Parliament Site. Instead, the Province is taking this historical site, and handing it over for private development in the name of building transit.

The Province needs to honour the aspirations of the community in preserving the First Parliament Site. This cannot be another Provincial example of bulldozing local heritage, upending the democratic planning process and sidestepping neighbourhood ambitions.

We demand Metrolinx, Infrastructure Ontario and the Province of Ontario, commit to:

  1. Continued public ownership of the First Parliament Site
  2. Protect and Preserve any and all archaeological resources,
  3. Long-term development that adheres to the key principles and design elements developed in the City’s Master Plan

Lend your support by signing our petition below demanding the Province work with the City of Toronto in balancing the needs of our communities, heritage preservation, city-building as well as transit expansion.

Phone: 416-392-7903
Address: 100 Queen St W, A5, Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

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