What public consultation is planned to discuss zoning by-law matters such as height, setbacks, tower separation distances, streetwall heights, etc.?

Answer from Infrastructure Ontario: The release of the development proposal to the City and Councillor is the first step in soliciting input on these matters. Following their initial review, the transit-oriented community concept will be amended and brought for community consultation and input.

The Province is working with the City of Toronto to develop a public engagement process to receive public input and review of the development proposal at Corktown in keeping with our commitment of the Memorandum of Understanding finalized by both parties in January 2020. The proposed early design concept includes mixed-use spaces with careful consideration for compatibility with the surrounding area.
Further details on the public engagement process will be communicated in the near future once the City of Toronto has finalized its review process. Our intent is to begin this important dialogue in Fall 2021.

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