Where are the archeological findings stored and where will they become public?

Answer from Metrolinx: Archaeology work will be done to identify cultural remains or heritage elements that can be conserved, protected, and commemorated, as appropriate. All artifacts and features will be cataloged and documented by qualified licensed archaeologists.  

Archaeological teams will draw from their professional knowledge and experience to determine the best way forward for any archaeological materials uncovered, while following all relevant legislation, standards, and guidelines. Monitors from Indigenous Nations will be invited to participate in all archaeological work to ensure any Indigenous archaeological resources present are treated in a culturally sensitive manner. 

Metrolinx will consult with the City, the Ontario Heritage Trust, heritage experts from Infrastructure Ontario, the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries and Indigenous Nations to develop a Heritage Interpretation and Commemoration Plan that profiles the rich history of this site, building on the robust Heritage and Interpretation Strategy for this site, which was developed by the City and community.

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